Intergenerational Play and Recreational Activities

Why Should We Promote Intergenerational Play and Recreational Activities?

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Do you think your child’s routine is becoming too monotonous? Do you feel like your child is lacking in certain areas? Well, have you tried changing the environment in which your children spend most of their time? Maybe it could help.

Intergenerational play helps your children learn so much more than they will ever learn with kids of their age. Not only for kids, but intergenerational play also allows elders to learn from their younger ones. Parents should consider providing environments that induce intergenerational play and recreational activities. Not so sure as to if you should go for it or not? Let us get this clear for you.

What is Intergenerational Play?

Intergenerational play and recreational activities are the activities or groups that engage people from different age groups. It includes everyone, from children to adults to older age. Intergenerational activities bring other age groups to one platform that increases the chances of learning and builds a sense of mutual understanding.

Why Should You Consider Intergenerational Play?

If you have young kids, you should consider intergenerational play at least once for them. Kids cannot learn much from their age group as they have almost the same experience and exposure. However, adults have seen the world from a wide-angle on the other hand.

How Is Intergenerational Play Better Than Playing With Children of the Same Age Group?

Adults have more experience, have a grip on more skills, their knowledge is better and diverse, and they have been through everything that your kids will have to go through soon. So it’s a plus for your kids. If your kids develop a good bond with adults, they can help your kids out with any problem they might be facing. It will also help them to build confidence in their elders.

What Can Fun Activities Be Conducted in Intergenerational Interaction?

There are many fun activities you can do for your children for intergenerational recreation. This may include motivational sessions, a heartfelt talk, one-on-one conversations about study or life, guidance, group lectures, or simply any physical activity games. Kids can also pair with teens and adults to go on short trips, hike, racing, or do some social welfare together.

How Is Intergenerational Play Good For Kids?

If your kid is the only child or has many siblings to hang out with, these recreational activities may help your kids find an elder brother or sister, not by blood but by heart. Kids learn so much through these activities. They develop confidence, trust, affection, learn to appreciate others, and respect their elders. These engagements will help your kids to learn at a different pace.

How Is Intergenerational Play Good For Adults?

Usually, adults are lonely, especially older adults. Doing fun recreational activities with young ones will help them avoid being alone all the time. It will remind them of their period when they were kids. These sweet memories might make someone’s day. Staying physically active is very important for older adults to avoid getting bedridden.