Top 5 Soft Skills That Your Kids Can Learn While Playing in Parks

January 15, 2019
Kids Soft Skills

Top 5 Soft Skills That Your Kids Can Learn While Playing in Parks

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As we know, playing outside has many health benefits for our bodies. When we move and jump, it strengthens our muscles and bones making them stronger and less likely to wear and tear. A park is a great place that you can consider allowing your children to play because of all the health benefits that they will gain. However, did you know that allowing your kids to play at a park will allow them to gain soft skills as well? Soft skills allow our children to interact and socialize with other children (and adults) well. So what are the top five soft skills that our children can develop while playing in the park?

Self-Confidence is Key:

It was Marcus Mosiah Garvey who said that if you haven’t confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. This is a very important point that shows the significance that self-confidence has in how we approach life and what we will get in return. Self-confidence can be boosted when playing with other children in groups. This is especially true if your child is the elected leader. He or she will be able to adopt an air of confidence as they approach different play situations.

Develop Leadership Skills:

Using the same example used in the previous tip, if your child is elected as leader in a particular group, and is tasked with leading that group to a certain goal, then your child will start to develop his or her leadership qualities. Great leadership skills entail making decisions quickly, great organizational skills, having a vision and mapping out a plan to achieve that vision. These are all qualities that your child can gain while playing as the leader of his or her play friends.

Great Communication Skills:

This goes without saying. Playing with others will allow your young one to develop great communication skills. Communication skills that entail bringing across their point effectively, addressing social disputes appropriately and actively listening to the opinions and views of their fellow friends. This will allow your child to grow up with a vital skill that is, even now, missing in many adults.

Positive Attitude:

Having a positive outlook on life is a necessary skill that is needed especially in adulthood. Your child who is developing a positive outlook through play is more likely to be optimistic about the future and when life knocks them down they are more likely to brush off the dirt and get right up again. These type of children are most likely to become entrepreneurs because they will be able to acknowledge that anything is possible so they are expected to take on more risks.

Problem Solving Skills:

When your child is faced with many obstacles throughout playing, they are required to use their cognitive skills to know how best to address that issue. In doing so, they will be more able to solve puzzles and problems, especially during school. This will reflect positively with the grades that they receive.

Soft skills are just as required as other skills, especially in the workforce. Children with great soft skills are more likely to grow into adults who will take over the world. It is important that as parents we guide our children to become the best that they can be. And one way that we can do that is to allow them to play at the park.