5 Physical Preschool Games to Boost Childhood Development

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Do you want to make your children learn skills while playing and having fun? Are you working on your child’s mental and physical development? Do you want to make your child more patient? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Children learn through playing. Playground Games and activities are best for children’s developmental, physical, and cognitive skills. Children should be allowed to play games daily to learn and develop new skills while enjoying themselves.

These five preschooler playground games will help in your child’s skill development.

Running, Jumping, Climbing

Children have more urge to move and run. Running, jumping, and climbing are very effective in children’s physical and mental development. Climbing trees and playgroup equipment can develop body awareness. Allow them to do so. Provide children with an age-appropriate challenge; this will allow your child to build up a sense of confidence and develop a spirit in him by performing different tasks.

Red Light, Green Light

Red light, Greenlight is a perfect game for your child to develop patience. Children don’t like to stand still, so this game will help them develop patience. It is straightforward to play this game. One kid stands facing the other side of the playfield; the main goal is to touch the person first without getting caught while moving.

Greenlight is when the person faces away; kids have to move on green light towards them. Red light is when the person faces you, which signals kids to stop moving.


Hopscotch is a classic playground game. This sidewalk game will help your child with developing excellent critical thinking skills. Draw a hopscotch shape on the sidewalk; toss a rock underhand at the hopscotch shape.

A kid must navigate the hopscotch course avoiding the square on which the rock landed. Kids have to plan to figure out the best route. This will help your child enhance their thinking ability. This will sharpen their mental skills.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek helps them learn the concept of object permanence. Hide and seek encourages the children to use their imagination and help them build up an ability to solve problems. This will help them develop many skills such as learning to deal with conflicts between participants, waiting to take their turns, work efficiently in teams.

Hide and seek will polish your child’s mental growth and give them physical benefits. Exercise helps build stamina and muscle development. Hide and seek will improve their balance and coordination.

Nature Play

Forest schools are top-rated these days and highly regarded in the childhood development of kids. Nature play is healthy; it will help your kid respect the environment. It will be an introduction to biology for your kids as well.

It stimulates creativity in children. It will help children to develop the skill of problem-solving. Kids who spend more time playing in nature have increased concentration and cognitive skills. They are sharper than other kids of their age group.