Safety Surfacing| Rubber Playground Tiles

Product specifications, Installation and Maintenance instructions

Detailed Product Drawings

  • Standard 2 1/4″Tile ComponentsDownload

    Tile Layout TechniqueDownload

  • Tile and Ramp ProfilesDownload

    Typical Field Tile Fitment DetailDownload

  • ASTM F1292-04 Test Data_4.25 Ultra Tile(PDF;510KB)Download

    ASTM F1951-08 Test Data ADA(PDF;101KB)Download

  • Below Grade, Concrete Footer W- Loose Backfill(PDF;292KB)Download

    Below Grade, Hard Base Installation Detail(PDF;266KB)Download

  • Below Grade, Hard Base W-Loose Backfill(PDF;248KB)Download

    Below Grade, Timber Footer W-Loose Backfill(PDF 274KB)Download

  • Color Chart –PlayGuard(PDF;738KB)Download

    Edge Treatment Installation Details, Cut Tiles More Than 8 inches Wide(PDF;266KB)Download

  • Field Termination Installation Details(PDF;209KB)Download

    IPEMA ECORE certificate(PDF;107KB)Download

  • PlayGuard_TechGuide –INSTALL MANUAL(PDF, 1, 978KB)Download