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We Transform Environments with Mist and Fog Systems.koolfog The desert heat is cooled by a tropical mist, plants and animals thrive in a moderated environment, and theme park visitors are engulfed by a fog that rolls across the landscape. We Cool. We Humidify. We Enhance. Koolfog visually and tactually enhances environments using high-pressure, pure water fog technology. Innovators in Design and Engineering Fog and Mist Solutions
BONGO PLAY Leaf Roof Commercial Playground Equipment | Creative System
We innovate. We Create. We Modify. For almost two decades Koolfog has designed and engineered high-grade, quality fog solutions for commercial, residential and agricultural markets. Our creative approach to design and engineering has helped Koolfog earn the reputation as the most innovative and technologically advanced supplier of fog systems worldwide. Cooling and Humidifying Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Industrial Environments. We Protect. We Comfort. We Care. Our cooling, humidifying and effects technology impacts People, Plants, Animals and Environments. Over the years, our clients and their specific needs have challenged us to apply our knowledge and experience to incredibly interesting and exciting venues. Koolfog systems are found in Residential & Commercial settings, Resorts & Spas, Neighborhood & City parks, Animal & Livestock environments, Greenhouses, Theme parks, Water parks, Zoos, Exhibits, and more.